Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher

Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher
Bob Moose, 1967-1976

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bob Moose's Marine days with RUSH LIMBAUGH, etc.

Dennis W. Davies, 6/2/18: "Dave Cash and Jeff Christy (now known as Rush Limbaugh) also were in the USMC Reserves unit with them.. I was too

Fun and always summer camp he was Duty Sgt. and I was duty driver......... after I took a Major to the Officer's Club Moose said that was it for the night.... he broke out a bottle of Gin and he and I had Gin and Tonics and just talked baseball the rest of the night

there was a bar across the street from Forbes Field at the corner..... many times I went with him and Hebner for lunch

stunned and shock [by his death]. [he was] well liked and his wife Alberta was a sweetheart"

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Kison named his son Robbie after Bob Moose. Kison and Moose were friends- Moose was Kison's best man at his wedding:

Bruce was also a pallbearer at Moose's funeral (along with Jim Rooker, Tom Fox, and others):

When people ask me about Bob's death

Auto accident...on his 29th birthday, heading to a party for him being held by several teammates; tragic. His death, sadly, had a subplot to it: there were two women in his car who weren't his wife (they survived), so it added a tabloid feeling to his passing...then, the very next day, Steeler QB Terry Bradshaw was famously upended and hurt badly by Browns player Joe "Turkey" Jones, ending Bradshaw's season. Even though "only" an injury, this also overshadowed Moose's death. Both incidents (Moose's accident and Bradshaw's bad injury) happened in Ohio, as well.