Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher

Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher
Bob Moose, 1967-1976

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steve Blass, author of the fantastic new book "A Pirate For Life" Run, do not walk, to get this fantastic book! Blass: first class! May 13, 2012 By Vince Palamara Format:Hardcover I met Steve Blass as an 8th-grade boy at the local mall in Bethel Park, PA, in the Summer of 1979 and Steve couldn't have been more gracious and kind as he signed an autograph for me and said hello to my parents. This was several years removed from his terrific baseball playing days and before he became an outstanding announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. My dad told me, "Trust me: you made his day!" Well, he certainly made mine (a fond memory I shall never forget!)and this very fine book "Steve Blass: A Pirate For Life" will make yours, too. Very well written and compelling, Steve's book is hard to put down from start to finish; in fact, you will find yourself rereading and reliving certain sections many times over. Anyone who is a die-hard Pittsburgh Pirates fanatic (like myself: I even started a Bob Moose blog, one of Steve's pitching colleagues, with rare photos and information, but I digress) or even just a baseball fan, in general, will be sure to enjoy and treasure this book. For any old-time Pirates fanatic, there are certain memories that will live on forever: the 1960 World Series team, Roberto Clemente's life (and tragic death), Bob Moose's no-hitter (as well as his wild pitch in '72 and his untimely death that shook this reviewer, as a young fifth-grader, to the core), the 1971 World Series team (with two fantastic wins by Steve Blass), and, for many, the great career and baffling ending of Steve Blass. Get this book asap- you will be glad you did! GET THIS BOOK ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o) Editorial Reviews Review "Talk about a guy whose career ran the gamut—Steve Blass went from World Series hero, to a man whose name became literally synonymous with a specific baseball malady. He emerged from it all with humor, humanity, and perspective."—Bob Costas, NBC Sports and Major League Baseball Network "He went from the very top of his game to the very confused. How he unraveled and overcame his malady with humor and intelligence is a lesson for all and is what this book is all about."—Tim McCarver, Fox Baseball Analyst, Recipient of the 2012 Ford C. Frick Award "There are a lot of guys in baseball, but there are just a few you can put on one hand that have the zest for life and love of the game as Steve Blass."—Bill Mazeroski, Hall of Fame Second Baseman, Pittsburgh Pirates "Steve Blass embodied the early '70s Pirates teams on which he starred: he was gifted, grounded, and great company. Nothing has changed in this wonderful, entertaining book. In "A Pirate For Life," Blass gives us a look behind the curtain, reintroducing us to a cast of familiar and delightful characters, including himself. He is the perfect tour guide to a golden age in Bucs history -- a history he helped make."—Austin Murphy, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated About the Author Steve Blass is a former pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates and has been broadcasting their games as color commentator since 1987. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Erik Sherman has been a freelance sportswriter more than 30 years. He lives in New York City. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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