Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher

Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher
Bob Moose, 1967-1976

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bob Moose- the reasons for this blog

Although I am well known for my interest in JFK, the Secret Service, and presidential history, in general, I also have a huge interest in "The Wild Wild West" tv series, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. To that end, Bob Moose played a central role in my interest as a kid and, later, as a man, as I continue to be a Pirates fan (especially since 2011, as my interest in the NEW Pirates waned dramatically from 1993-2010). Here are the reasons why (in no particular order): -In 1974, at the age of 8, his card was my FIRST baseball card, as I sheepishly bought a few packs and had them hidden on top of my curtain rod (!) before showing them to my dad. He approved, we watched a Pirates game together on tv and later attended my first Pirates game that same year (I only remember a few things: it was against the Cubs, we lost, Stargell and Parker hit back to back home runs, and the PA announcer saying the name "Dave Giusti" LOL); -Bob Moose's big hair and interesting last name (!). At one time in 1970, we had a Moose, Veale, and Lamb on the team! We also had many Bob's: Moose, Robertson, Miller, Johnson, Veale, and coach Bob Skinner; -Moose was a member of the 1971 World Series Champion Pirates (he pitched in 3 of the 7 games, including a start in Game 6 [I know someone who has a bootleg dvd of it....ahem]: Bob pitched well in a no-decision (I believe Bob Miller took the loss). This allowed Steve Blass to be the hero of Game 7; -Moose was Bruce Kison's best man, as Kison left on a helicopter (provided with the help of Bob Prince) with Moose right after game 7 on 10/17/71---you can also catch a glimpse of Moose on the field during the throng of players celebrating the win AND when they enter the clubhouse; -His tragic death on 10/9/76, while I was in 5th grade (Clemente was the first player to die from that 1971 World Series team). I seem to have a memory of Willie Stargell doing a tv spot with April Moose for the April Moose fund, but I might be mistaken (it may have been for muscular dystrophy and involved some other youngster). There WAS an April Moose fund set up by Al Oliver and friends for April's college fund, as well as an annual Bob Moose memorial golf outing; -Moose pitched a no-hitter in 1969 against the Amazing Mets, the World Series champs; -Moose came THE closest to pitching a no-hitter at Forbes Field; -Moose was from the local area: Export, PA, attending Frankling Regional High School. In fact, his dad, Robert Ralph Moose, Sr. (Moose was Junior), who passed away in 2009, was a long-time Port Authority bus driver. By the way, Moose is survived by his Mom, his daughter, and his sister; -Moose pitched his entirer career with the Pirates, a long one: 1967-1976...and one wonders if he would have been on that 1979 World Series Championship team, as many of his teammates were on that team. At the very least, my bet is he would have been in the majors, pitching for another team (as Bob Smizik wrote me once); -Moose was very well liked by his teammmates, black, Latin, and white alike. In fact, his best friends on the team were Al Oliver (black), Jim Rooker, and Willie Stargell (black); -a plaque dedicated to Moose's memory hung in the clubhouse of Three Rivers Stadium from late 1976-early 2001. One wonders if it made the trek to PNC Park. There is also a plaque dedicated to Moose at his high school alma mater, as well as a scholarship in his name; -His wild pitch that lost the 1972 playoffs, affording the Reds the opportunity to head to the World Series instead (they lost to the A's--hahaha). Moose wasn't the real goat: many people (Smizik included) believe it was actually Dave Giusti, who gave up the tying home run to Johnny Bench. Like Nixon's re-election and just moving into our new Bethel Park, PA, home, this was one of the halcyon moments---for me---from 1972; -Moose's tragic death, on his 29th birthday, on 10/9/76 (born 10/9/47). I have always been fascinated with underdogs, heroes who die young, and the like. :)

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