Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher

Bob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher
Bob Moose, 1967-1976

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bob Moose and pine tar (8/29/68)

We have joked about Tim McCarver's sometimes overwrought analysis but he delivers some great lines. Case in point -- when the discussion turned to pitchers using pine tar to grip the baseball this past week, McCarver said of former Pirates right-hander Bob Moose, "If you shook hands with him before November, you took him home with you."
Research "Bob Moose and pine tar" and you come across a game against the Cardinals when Moose was a 20-year-old rookie. The gunk was so thick, the ump sent him to the clubhouse to wash his hands.
Said Cardinals manager Red Schoendist, "He had so much pine tar on his hands his fingers stuck together once . . ."
So much for the split-finger fastball.,6431585,124731,6060190
Big deal! He only did this once and, as Pirate manager Larry Shepherd said, he was just a kid learning life in the big leagues. Gaylord Perry, Joe Niekro, and other great pitchers "cheated" on a REGULAR basis for years!

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